About the College of Agriculture Foundation

For 80 years, the College of Agriculture Foundation has attempted to promote and further agricultural education in the state of Missouri through its support of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture (now the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources).

The Foundation remained an independent corporation, and was not considered an integral part of the College of Agriculture. However, it was an organization affiliated with the College because of the definite mutuality of interests and purpose.

Originally, members were graduates of the College. The Foundation has expanded to include friends of the College, all who have established a reputation of business acumen, who have judgment regarding methods and procedures for accomplishing the objectives of the Foundation, who operate in the professional and social environment that makes them knowledgeable concerning resources available, and who are held in respect by a large segment of the agriculture and agribusiness community.

Following is a synopsis of the Foundation’s efforts on behalf of the College. For more detailed historical information, read History: The UMC College of Agriculture Foundation, 1932-1990 compiled by Harry E. Herman, E.M. Funk and Wendell McKinsey.

The 30s

  • Newly incorporated, the Foundation sets about to fund research in the College of Agriculture.

The 40s

  • Foundation members discussed need for paid staff person to make contacts and raise funds.
  • Foundation enters an inactive period for several years (1945-57) but does not disband.

The 50s

  • Agreement of cooperation signed with University providing for advice and some clerical assistance.
  • Foundation will prepare a case for soliciting funds, develop a list of potential donors and plan methods of contact.

The 60s

  • First Executive Director appointed to manage the Foundation’s business and be liaison to University alumni and development offices.
  • County Scholarship Program begun; county representatives chosen to raise funds to provide $300 scholarship for a student from their county.

The 70s

  • Student loan-work fund established.
  • M.G. & Johnnye D. Perry Foundation Professorship in Agricultural Marketing & Policy established with gift from Perry Foundation.
  • First major gift of land accepted (Penick Company farm at French Village, MO).
  • Promotional and development dinners were held to introduce the Foundation to people who were not aware of it, and to encourage donors to make gifts.
  • Goal of 100 members set.
  • Board suggested a College of Ag unit be established within the Jefferson Club; important the Ag Foundation not lose its identity in the proposed affiliation.
  • Armour Company farm near Joplin accepted by Foundation as gift.

The 80s

  • French Village research farm sold – provided basis for Foundation’s financial resources.
  • Foundation provided partial salary funding for the College’s first development officer.
  • Endowment account established at University with 70% of income to be used to support College’s programs.
  • College’s awards program for faculty and staff funded by Foundation.
  • Student on-campus internships funded by Foundation.

The 90s

  • Foundation combines with Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council to establish endowment at the University for the Don Heil Washington, D.C. Internship Program.

A New Century Arrives

  • Foundation Board forms a Property Management Advisory Committee to develop guidelines for accepting and managing gifts of land and property for the benefit of the College and its educational mission.
  • Foundation continues funding of on-campus internships, and faculty and staff award programs.
  • Foundation purchases land adjacent to Bradford Research and Education Center (BREC) allowing expansion of research activities at BREC.
  • Foundation purchases land in proximity to the Fisher Delta Research Center to allow expansion of Delta Center research activities.

Supporting education and research at the University of Missouri