Gifts of Land

Gifts of Land Add to Future Learning

Today, the Foundation is returning to its heart – the acceptance of gifts of land. These gifts of farm land will be held and managed (or sold if appropriate) by the Foundation with the proceeds going to benefit programs of the College the donor wishes to support.

There are several reasons landowners consider making a gift of their cherished land. Some have no family members who are able to operate the farm. Others cannot manage the responsibility of the farm any longer. Still others want to have an effect on the future education of our citizens.

The need for private funding has not changed, and the focus of the College has not changed, but the College’s programs have been modified to fit the requirements of 21st century agricultural education and research. Members of the Foundation recognize that the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources performs a paramount service to the agricultural interests, as well as the economic development, of this state.

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